Learn How to Work Wood with Hand Tools

Welcome to the first step to becoming a better woodworker. This is a virtual woodworking apprenticeship designed to teach the student how to build furniture entirely by hand. While I don’t expect everyone to give up their power tools I firmly believe that a better understanding of the wood we work can be had when working by hand. With this better understanding comes a higher level of craftsmanship and an independence from machinery and jigs that hamstring our creativity. Watch this short video to learn more.

With this online membership format, it is always the right time to start. You can watch the lesson videos as many times as you want and even download them to any number of mobile devices and take them right in to your own shop. There is no better instruction than learning with your tools in your space.

The first “semester” will get you started and teach you the skills to build just about any type of furniture. Along the way you will build essential shop appliances and jigs that will make your work more accurate and efficient. After this first semester, as a group we will begin to build furniture pieces all the while adding to the tool box and skill list. One thing will always remain the same: learning by doing. The new woodworker can ready about cutting dovetails or hand planing a board all day long, but until they actually try it for themselves they will never truly understand. Hand tool woodworking is a highly sensory activity and you must feel, hear, and see it to learn it.

What Do I Get With My Membership?

  • Full access to the entire membership site with over 30 hours of video content in lesson alone
  • 10-12 lessons per semester
  • 10-12 applied project videos
  • 1-3 furniture projects per semester (each project contains multiple videos)
  • Access to live streaming demonstrations
  • Full access to the school tool library to learn about the tools, how to buy them, and care for them
  • Supplemental video content on sharpening and other shop tasks
  • Dedicated email “hot line” access to the instructor for questions, or live Skype coaching

Basically, you get the keys to learning to work by hand and becoming a better woodworker!  There are both 6 month and 1 year memberships available for the ridiculously low price of.