Semester 1

The first semester is a whirlwind covering everything from taking a rough sawn board to flat and square on 6 sides to building casework and all the joinery therein.  Going through the more than 40 hours of video instruction and completing the exercises and building the projects will make you a better woodworker.  Take a deep breath and hold on because this semester covers a huge amount of material.

Here is our course line up:

Setting Up Shop and Introduction to Milling

  • Project: Winding Sticks

Sawing Fundamentals

  • Project: Sawbench

Detailed Milling & Planecraft 101

  • Project: Bench Hooks

Dados, Grooves, & Rabbets

  • Projects: Bench Storage, Miter Box, Miter Shooter

Half Laps

  • Project: Layout Square

Mortises & Tenons

  • Project: Saw Bents


  • Project: Sharpening Pond


  • Project: Saw Til

Sliding Dovetails

  • Project: Dovetail Marker

Basic Inlay

  • Project: Wax Til

Planecraft 102

  • Board Case Study #1: Long and Wide Furniture Boards
  • Board Case Study #2: Wide Panel Flattening
  • Board Case Study #3: Live Session, Monster Plank Flattening/Smoothing

Building by Hand without a Plan

  • Project: Panel Gauge

Final Project Series: Hanging Tool Cabinet

  • Video 1: Design Review and Initial Milling
  • Video 2: Carcass Construction
  • Video 3: Interior Layout and Construction
  • Video 4: Building Drawers
  • Video 5: Clamshell doors and Miter Half Laps
  • Video 6: Installing Hinges, Making Hardware
  • Video 7: Tool Storage Solutions

In this first semester we will use very few tools in order to teach the core joinery techniques without the aid of specialized tools.  Too many beginners obsess over tools and allow their lack of tools to hold them back from getting started.  For more information on this basic tool kit see the Semester One Tool List.